Our range of services is addressed from small to big-sized businesses that wish to participate in the mechanisms of international trade. trade-united is directed to support the activities of businesses in the areas of sourcing and purchasing as well as to organize and accompany logistical procedures.

We can support our clients with services in the following areas:

    * Worldwide product search according to your requirements and
    * Handling of the correspondence
    * Obtaining individual quotations and price lists
    * Negotiating terms and prices
    * Obtaining samples of certain products or merchandise
    * Handling of order and payment transactions
    * Auditing and inspection procedures to ensure the reliability and
      trustworthiness of manufacturers and suppliers
    * Quality control and packaging of the product prior to shipment
    * Handling of necessary logistical activities

The primary markets that trade-united is currently focusing its activities upon are Africa, Eastern Europa and Asia. Together with our international business partners, our ultimate ambition is to ensure that our clients will not have to face any unforeseen surprises when receiving or selling their goods.

Each inquiry will be handled just-in-time and individually with the purpose of guarding against currency fluctuations and to consider accompanying factors like minimum order quantities or delivery times.



Head-Office (German/English):

Mr. Gregor Mohr
Managing Director
+49 (0) 2131 / 405 72 80
+49 (0) 174 / 219 66 41
(German / Englisch)